Change Banking Details SASSA

How can I update my SRD SASSA GOV ZA banking Details ?

Change Banking Details SASSA: The South African government gives money to people who qualify through SASSA agencies. The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant started in the year of 2020. The primary type of their Grant is COVID-19. In that Grant, they give money to their citizens and Asylum Seekers to overcome their economic problems. 

How can I update my SRD SASSA banking information

At the start, The SRD Grant was initiated for a short time. Later, the Govt of South Africa decided to keep it longer because people had money troubles. Most people get their Grant from the Nearest Post Office, and Some get it via a Bank Account. Many of them find help from SRD SASSA regarding changing their Bank details. In this guide, I’ll explain, step by step, how to update SRD SASSA Status bank details.

Change Banking Details SASSA in a Few Clicks :

If you choose to get the money in a bank account, make sure the account is yours. SASSA can’t put your Grant in someone else’s account. Ensure the phone number where you got the text is under your name. SASSA can’t pay grants into the phone if that one is registered to someone else. The SASSA team also verified the name on the account and other personal details. If you give the correct information, it will help the SASSA team check your application faster.

How Do I Change My Banking Details via Website : 

The SASSA bank details are essential for getting your Grant into your account. Suppose you are an approved beneficiary of the SASSA SRD R350 Grant and want to update your bank details. I’ll tell you some simple steps to update your SASSA banking information.

  1. Check the menu and locate the ‘SASSA banking details link.’ Click on it. You’ll go to the page where you can update your banking information.
  2. Enter your unique South African ID Number in the box.
  3. You’ll get a text message with a unique link just for you. It will be sent to the registered phone number you gave when you applied.
  4. Click on the link in the text message and follow the steps to update your bank account details.

How Do I Change My Banking Details via Moya App: 

Instead of visiting the official SASSA website, you can use the Moya app to update bank details. Follow these steps to get it done on Maya App.

  1. First, you must download and install your store’s SASSA app.
  2. Sign in to your SASSA app by typing in your South African ID number and mobile Number.
  3. Scroll down and find the option for updating your bank information.
  4. Add new banking details and save it.

How Do I Change My Banking Details At SASSA Branches : 

Most people who qualify for the SRD Grant want to update their banking details by visiting the SASSA Office. Some people need help reading or understanding the online procedure for updating. I’ll explain the steps and required papers to change your bank details at SASSA branches.

  1. Firstly, Ensure you have a valid South African ID (13 Digits).
  2. Make sure your updated bank information and phone number are correct, the ones you gave when you registered.
  3. Locate and visit the Nearest SASSA office during office time. 
  4. On your turn, Let the staff know you need to change your SASSA banking information.
  5. They’ll give you a form. Write the information correctly and give it back to the SASSA officials.
  6. The SASSA team will validate your application and update your bank details in a few weeks.

SASSA offices are usually open from Monday to Friday. The starting Time is at 7:30 AM and closes at 5 PM. Because many people need assistance with their bank accounts, a long line of people could be at SASSA offices every day.