SASSA Payment Dates

Have you been verified for an SASSA grant and need help knowing how to receive your payments? If so, let’s explore how to get your SASSA payment dates for R350 grant. SASSA has yet to set exact dates for grant payments. Usually, they announce the payment dates at the end of the previous month.

SASSA Status Check For R350 Payment Date :

About 7.5 million people in South Africa get SRD R350 grants. In total, over 25 million people depend on SASSA grants. They need to be aware of their payment dates and srd status check receiving methods. The SASSA Status Check For R350 payment dates from January to March 2024 are : 

SASSA January 2024 Dates are from January 25 to 31.

SASSA February 2024 Dates are between February 23 and 29.

Dates For March 2024 are between March 25 and 29.

SRD grant recipients will get their payments from. The exact date may vary, so SRD status checks for the same date. Moreover, it takes 2 to 3 days for funds to appear in your account after processing.

How To Increase SASSA R350 Grant :

To apply for increase in the amount of R350, which is already receiving, follow the below steps : 

  1. Visit the Nearest SASSA office to increase your R350 Payment. 
  2. Bring all the necessary documents indicating justification letter and 
    1. Original 13-digit South African Card. 
    2. Proof of marital status, etc.
    3. Valid(Not more than 3 months older) medical report showing the need for full-time care.
  3. Request for “R350 increase Form” and submit it to SASSA officials.
  4. Wait your turn, and then the SASSA Officer will interview you to determine your eligibility for the grant. 
  5. On submission of the SRD application, you will get the proof of receipt of the R350 Increase grant request.

Once your application gets approved by the official Officer of SASSA, consequently, the payment of R350 will be added as a grant in Aid.

SASSA Grant amount for 2024 : 

Moreover, the amount of all SASSA grants increased at the end of last year. The next revision will be done in the meeting held after 6 months by the SASSA official team.

Type of Grant

Amount Per Month

Older Persons Grant (Aged between 60 to 74) R2 090
Older Persons Grant (75 years or older) R2 110
Disability Grant Amount R2 090
Grant-In-Aid R510
War Grant R2 110
Child Support Grant R510
Child Support Grant Top-up R250
Foster Child Grant (Foster Care Grant) R1 130
Care Dependency Grant (Disability Child Grant) R2 090
SRD R350 Grant R350


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